Power Spelling is the first educational spelling site to use powerful analytics with fun and engaging gaming to identify spelling miscue patterns.  Powerful reporting with detailed word breakdowns quickly allow you make possible correlations to stages of development for reading acquisition.

Photo by DragonImages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by DragonImages/iStock / Getty Images

Automated Spelling Tests

One of the most time consuming student activities to grade is the weekly spelling test.  Power Spelling removes the need to grade spelling tests  manually.  Simply assign a publicly shared word list or choose a list from one of the major publishers and assign it to your students.

Use Power Spelling for weekly spelling tests or daily practice throughout the week.  Spelling Tests can be teacher led or delivered 100% automated using high quality speech technology.

Detailed Reporting

The POWER in Power Spelling comes from the detail reports that are instantly available to teachers or parents.  Word Analysis gives a crystal clear breakdown of what words performed better than others.  Use the Word Overview to see a list of every student who answered the word correctly or incorrectly.

Response Analysis breaks down every misspelling for each word and provides data of what were the most common misspellings.  Each word has custom tags which allows the Tag Analysis report  to provide data in ways you didn't even think was possible.  

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Game-Based Practice

Power Spelling offers fun and exciting games to practice spelling.  Game statistics and word attempts are captured during game play and sent through Power Spelling's powerful analytics engine. 

Detailed reports for students and roll up data for classes are available in real time

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