Spelling Tests

One of the most time consuming student activities to grade is the weekly spelling test.  Power Spelling removes the need to grade spelling tests manually.

Automated Spelling Test

This feature allows for students to take their weekly spelling tests independently.  There is no need to call out the words and read example sentences.

Students can work at their own pace and can request to have the word repeated at any time.  A sample sentences is provided that uses the word in context. Teachers can also enter their own sample sentences.

As soon as the student finishes, the spelling test is automatically graded and reports are ready to view.

Teacher-Led Spelling Test

Teachers have the option to read out the spelling words like a traditional spelling test.  Power Spelling allows students to listen to their teacher's direction and type in their responses.

Responses are automatically graded when the student finish.  All the reports will work with a Teacher-led spelling test.

Teacher-led spelling tests are a great solution to classrooms or computer lab settings where headphones are not available for all students.

Instant Results

Student Response

The student response updates in real time.  As soon as a student completes a word, Power Spelling will grade the word and display the result.  Once all words are completed and the student finishes, a total score is calculated.

Live Responses

During the administration of the spelling test, teachers can watch student responses in real-time.  Watch your entire class at the same time and see instantly who is spelling the word correctly or incorrectly.

Multiple Choice Spelling Test

(Coming Soon)