Detailed Reporting

Reports are only as good as the data behind them.  Power Spelling allows you to look at student responses from a number of different perspectives.  Correlate identified spelling miscues to possible deficiencies in Reading.

Power Spelling reports include:

  • Administration Analysis

  • Word Analysis

  • Word Overview

  • Response Analysis

  • Results Analysis

  • Activity Summary

Administration Analysis Web.PNG

Administration Analysis

Use this report to view the status of an Assignment.

Word Analysis Web2.PNG

Word Analysis

View word list including number of correct and and number of incorrect response for each word.

Word Overview Web.PNG

Word Overview

View names of students sorted by correct and incorrect responses for each word

Toggle between Correct and Incorrect to view the students for each.


Response Analysis

View students’ response including misspellings for each word. This reports helps quickly identify spelling misconceptions.

Response Analsys Web2.PNG

Results Analysis

View highest score, lowest score, mean and median of each assignment. Student Results tab displays cumulative results.

Results Analysis Web.PNG

Assignment Summary

This is a student report that displays how they spelled each word and if they spelled it correctly or incorrectly. The correct spelling is also provided.

Assignment Summary Web.PNG