Game-Based Learning

What is Game-Based Learning?

Game-based Learning is centered around game play that focused on defined learning outcomes. 

Power Spelling takes the mundane tasks of spelling practice and creates engaging activities for students.  Game play statistics, such as number of attempts and misspellings, are then sent back to the teacher or parent.

Assigned Learning Activities

Teachers and parents can choose a word list and assign a learning activity, or game, to a student to complete. These activities will have results recorded and will show up in the reports, along with an overall score where applicable.

Student Free Play - assigned word lists

Students can engage in learning activities utilizing word lists that have been assigned by the teacher or parent. Students can play and practice any learning activity without the need to be assigned a Learning Activity. Game-play results and scores are not reported.

Student Free Play - Random Word Lists

Students can choose to have a random word list loaded into any learning activity in the Free Play area. They are presented with the choice of and Easy, Medium or Hard word list to be generated.

Game-play results and scores are not reported.