Power Spelling Games

Spelling Adventure

Make your character on a quest through the thick forests and icy mountains of our 3 different spelling adventures.  Spell the words and collect all the food to complete each level.  Break bricks and barrels, avoid obstacles and enemies on your way!

PLAY:  Carlie's Adventure       

PLAY: Joey’s Adventure

PLAY: Nick's Adventure

Word Racer

Word Racer is a fun to play activity where students hear a word an are asked to spell the word as quickly as they can.  Spelling Times are tracked for individual students on their leader board, providing the student with an immediate sense of accomplishment.

PLAY: Word Racer

Spelling Blocks

NOTE: Spelling Blocks is not compatible with Mobile or Tablet devices at this time. Spelling Blocks only works on desktop devices for now.

This game is modeled after the classic children game using letter blocks and uses simple drag and drop features to allow the students to spell each word.  This game is fun for all ages and especially simple to play for younger students.

PLAY: Joey’s Spelling Blocks

PLAY: Nick’s Spelling Blocks

PLAY: Carlie’s Spelling Blocks

Letter Seeker

Letter Seeker Web.PNG

Letter Seeker requires words to be spelled correctly, letter by letter, in order on each level.  Students collect each letter by running over it as the player character.  As an added challenge students must also avoid the enemy miners who seek to stop them from gaining this spelling knowledge!

PLAY: Letter Seeker


Hangman Nick.PNG

Hangman is a traditional game that provides students with the opportunity to spell each word by filling in letters one at a time.  Rewarding the players with fun animations and treasure that appears on their side of the screen provides a more engaging format for a spelling test or quiz.

PLAY: Hangman with Nick

PLAY: Hangman with Carlie

Complete the Word

Complete the Word Web.PNG

Complete The Word is a letter recognition game that provides students with the challenge of spelling the word by figuring out which letter is missing from each word.  Students will have access to four possible options for the missing letter and must choose the correct one in order to advance

PLAY: Complete the Word with Nick

Word Search

Word Search Web.PNG

Word Search allows students to search for and highlight spelling words. When students correctly select one of their assigned words the game will speak the word to the player and highlight that word on the right side of the screen